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Taste and sophistication dedicated to fabrics of excellence.

Drapers distributes fabrics which are distinguished by their style and quality, by the processing of the raw materials used which are selected to satisfy the tastes of all customers with the most original must-have fabrics for men’s wardrobes.

?In addition, special attention is paid to service, assistance, speed and punctuality of delivery. 

Our headquarters

Sense of Style

In addition to quality, there is the appeal of exquisite and innovative raw materials.

The essence of skills which renew experiences and interpret the beauty of contemporary talents. Technological vocation as a distinguishing factor alongside competitive excellence. Drapers is refinement, inspiration, pleasure. Exclusive elegance in the art of textiles. For almost 70 years, the class of Italian style recognised throughout the world.

With its 2018 entry into the Vitale Barberis Canonico Group, it consolidated the evolved vision by developing maximum accuracy in functional modalities and its dedication to national and international clienteles.

With a proposal of sophisticated fabrics that are exquisite and distinguished. The distribution takes on increasingly widespread global contours. The creative imprint assumes form on the web using a modern platform to make purchasing simpler, faster and more linear.

?An exciting journey through the more than 1,500 articles in the Drapers collection between the textures, weaves, dyes and colours essential for a more classic and original style. 

Our collection

The best selection of fabrics made with high-quality yarns, created especially for Drapers by the most renowned textile manufacturers in the world. 

Stunning Emotions

Drapers is the esteemed partner of all the best tailors, carefully chosen on the basis of the service delivered to their respective customers.

In the heart of Bologna, in the showroom which acts as a setting for the collections, authentic up-to-the-minute selections focused on any and every desire or dream, the result of infinite combinations of fancies, weights and compositions, accompanied by strategic and managerial activities with an eye to a highly-perfected business model. 

As a result of collections which are a source of inspiration for the type of offer, for the characteristics and the stories they tell: Lady San Felice, Arrival, Blazon, The Bingley and many more, are the most iconic bunches to which new ranges have been added over time, for example Montecarlo, Supersonic, Rainbow, Portofino Linen, and H.O.P.E. From Italian flannels to the most classic daytime fabrics, or the boldest windproof and rainproof performance features, through to those fabrics created with particular attention towards the environment and animal well-being. Authentic emotions to wear, among surprising ranges, shapes and designs. 

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Register in the exclusive Company Area, the platform offering complete support and the possibility to consult the fabric catalogue, check the stock and place rapid orders.

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