Drapers places a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions at the disposition of its customers to enable them to have all the necessary information relative to the fabrics and to better navigate the website.

Online payments are regulated by Nexi, a payments system company which guarantees the protection of your personal details. For this reason, should a payment not be successful, Drapers is not able to provide any further information. We therefore kindly ask you to contact your bank. For any further information we are at your disposal and you can write to us on the page Contacts.
The accepted payment methods are: credit card, debit card or PayPal.
We cannot accept payments made by bank transfer. The accepted payment methods are: credit card, debit card, PayPal.
When paying for an order, you will be automatically redirected to a secure page (SSL) of the bank carrying out the transaction. On this page you can enter your card details without worrying about security. If the payment has been successful, you will immediately receive confirmation.
You can return goods bought within 14 days of the delivery date following the procedure described on the page Returns.
In all cases of termination of the contract and consequent cancellation of the order, before the effective debit on the credit card, Drapers will request the release of the amount agreed through the banking system. The times for such release depend solely on the credit card issuer and for some types of cards can be their normal expiry date, which is normally 24 days after Authorisation.
Upon receipt of the delivery, please check the completeness and correctness of the goods bought. In the event of discrepancies or faulty products, please follow the procedure described on the page Returns.
If a garment made of a Drapers fabric is stained, we advise you always to take it to a specialist dry cleaner’s in order to safeguard its softness, the quality of the natural fibres, the colour and the consistency of the fabric.
Garments made with Drapers fabrics should be cleaned exclusively by a specialised dry cleaner’s. Dry cleaning prevents risk of loss of fabric quality, including in terms of colour. The majority of fabrics sold by Drapers are made of pure natural fibres (wool, mohair, linen, cotton, cashmere, silk, etc.) and, in order to safeguard their qualities of softness and lustre, we recommend only using solvents that do not contain water. In every case you should consult the washing instructions to be found on the label of every garment or the fabric information sheet on the website.
Garments made from Drapers fabrics should ideally be periodically ironed by a specialist such as a tailor or specialised dry cleaner’s. This, and storing the garment correctly, will help to maintain the qualities of the natural fibres the fabric is made of and lengthen its life.
All information about the composition, specific details, care and tips for good maintenance are given in the article technical information sheet which you can access via the Catalogue.
Shipping costs can be consulted in the dedicated list on the page Shipping, which can be accessed at the bottom of every page of the website. Shipping costs are always given in euro and depend on the weight of the packages and not the number of lengths included in the order. We also kindly advise you that the weights are calculated automatically in the shopping basket.
You can add a new shipping address or change one used before by going to your account at Reserved Area , in the section “Shipping addresses”.
For goods being sent to the countries listed on the page Shipping DHL, GLS, SDA, TNT, UPS services are used and the delivery will take place within 4 working days from the order leaving the stores.
Shipping costs are not included in the price of the fabrics and are calculated automatically in the shopping basket at checkout based on the shipping address entered.
which would be an ideal present for that special occasion, we offer elegant gift wrapping which can be requested for €10 at the checkout.
In order to help our customers choose the correct number of metres for their needs, the ideal quantity is given on every fabric information sheet according to the garment intended (jacket, suit, coat, trousers, overcoat) and the size required. For example, for size M, the number of metres required would be 3.2 m. for a suit, 2.2 m for a jacket, 1.5 m for a pair of trousers, and 2.8 m for a coat.
You can buy any measurement of fabric starting from 10 cm. There is no maximum limit for an order except availability in stock, which varies continually. In the event of urgency, please contact our offices directly using the page Contacts.
When you click on “Buy now”, your order will be processed automatically. If the payment has been successful, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number to use to check the status of your order. Alternatively, or in the event of a technical error you do not receive a confirmation email, you can check the status of the order processing by going to “Orders” at Reserved Area.
You can see the details of all orders placed at Reserved Area, in the “Orders” section.
For any further clarification post-purchase, we kindly ask you to contact us by filling in the fields at your disposal at Contacts: We will reply as quickly as possible.
By first accessing Reserved Area and then going to the section “Orders”, you can check the status of your active orders and see the summary of those previously entered. For each order is also specified:
  • Order number;
  • Enter date;
  • Status of processing:
    • In the system (the order has been saved on the system);
    • Being processed (the order is being processed);
    • In preparation (the order is being prepared);
    • Dispatched (the order has been dispatched).
  • Tracking number.
You can request a set of a minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 fabric samples. This service is offered free of charge by Drapers except for any shipping costs. If you purchase one or more fabrics included in the samples, the shipping costs for the same samples will be subtracted from the new order.
The discount code can be entered in the appropriate field during the checkout phase. The discount will be automatically applied to the total in the shopping basket. Shipping costs and samples are not included in the discount.
Drapers sales services also target tailors via the dedicated area. If you want to access this area as a business, please fill in the form in the section Become a partner. Our Customer Services will process your request as soon as possible.
In order to delete an order already placed, please send an email to orders@drapersitaly.it. As we cannot guarantee that the shipment of the article purchased will be cancelled in time, please do not accept the delivery from the courier. Once the article has returned to the stores, you will be reimbursed for the shipping costs.
The choice of fabric most suitable for your needs can be carried out by selecting the type of garment to be made up: suit, jacket, trousers or coat. To further simplify your choice, you can use the function Guided choice, which will suggest the best fabrics for your needs including which season, which garment and which colour.
The method for finding a fabric on the website depends on the information you have:
If you know the Drapers fabric code, you can:
  • Enter the code in the “Search” function
If you do not know the Drapers fabric code, you can:
  • Browse the fabrics available by going to the section Collection;
  • Use one or more search “Filters”.
The search filters can be used to identify one or more fabrics by searching by required characteristics such as colour or composition. To simplify and speed up the selection, there are six macro-categories:
  • Colour;
  • Weave;
  • Design;
  • Fineness;
  • Season;
  • Type;
  • Use.
By selecting a variable from one or more filters simultaneously (obviously, the more search filters you use, the more specific the search), the system will automatically provide the search results. Then simply click on the image of the fabric required to access the product tab for more technical information on the article or to complete your purchase.
The prices are given on the individual technical information sheets for the fabrics and are per metre. Shipping costs are not included and are calculated separately during the checkout. To see the exact shipping costs, please go to the page Shipping, where the exact costs are given according to the destination.
If you would like to consult the online catalogue before placing an order, simply go to the selection using the search function or filters available. Both option will enable you to place an order by just clicking on the article required: a template will appear beside the fabric photo which you are requested to fill in.
The trolley icon symbolises your digital shopping basket. By going to this section you can see the list of articles saved which you want to buy, and the provisional total cost. These articles will be saved unless you manually remove them from the shopping basket. Availability of articles saved in your shopping basket is not guaranteed at the moment you effectively make the purchase request by going to the checkout. During the checkout procedure you can also check the shipping details saved in the “Orders” section at Reserved Area or you can add a new address. Once the checkout has been concluded and the payment has been successfully made, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a summary of the order.
The articles placed in your shopping basket will be saved unless you remove them manually. You can place an order at any time provided the articles are in stock. You can check this when you go to checkout.
The articles placed in your shopping basket will be saved unless you remove them manually. However, availability of the articles is not guaranteed at the moment you effectively make your purchase.
At Reserved Area, in the “Profile” section, you can consult and update your personal details and your shipping address. AtReserved Area you can also change your password and see your order history.
The new website can be easily consulted using any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.
The Drapers website is supported by the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Firefox;
  • Chrome;
  • Safari.
We advise you to regularly check any updates to browsers as, if such updates are not carried out, this may impede use of the website.
For any notification or suggestion, please contact us directly by filling in the form on the page Contacts, clicking on “Notification of malfunction”. Our Customer Services will process your notification and reply to you as soon as possible.
You can change your password at any time at Reserved Area, selecting the “Profile” section where you can enter the password currently used and the new password you wish to use. By clicking on “Update”, the operation will be automatically confirmed. If you forget your password, you can retrieve it on the page Recover password, by filling in the form to recover your access credentials.
The website display setting can be changed at any time by simply going to the “Country/Language” menu located at the top left-hand corner of every page of the website and scrolling to the country you would like. You can also choose between Italian and English.
If you do not already know a good tailor, please go to the section Find us on the Vitale Barberis Canonico website: here you will find the names of some of the best tailors in the sector sorted according to region, who will be happy to help you create unique, bespoke garments.
In order to contact Drapers Customer Services please send a request using the dedicated form on the page Contacts, and choosing the area which interests you. If your request concerns an order you have placed, please provide the order number in the body of the message. Our Customer Services will then be able to more easily retrieve all the information and give you a comprehensive and timely answer.
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