Fabric 25032

  • Cod. 25032
  • 135,00 €/m
The colour may be slightly different from the colour in the photo

Fabric 25032

  • Cod. 25032
  • 135,00 €/m

Fabric in restocking

The following fabric is currently in restocking.

Fabric information

  • Fabric reference 25032
  • 360 g/m
  • 145 cm
  • 135,00 €/m
Illustration of fabric at 2 cm
Fabric 25032 25032
Caring for your garment
After wearing a suit for a whole day, it is advisable to give it time to rest, preferably hung on wooden coat hangers with the shoulders shaped correctly. Before placing in the wardrobe, every garment should be aired without exposing it to direct sunlight, then brushed using a brush with natural bristles, and any stains removed. Also, check that the pockets are empty and that there are no food or drink stains, as these invite insects. Sachets of pot-pourri containing camphor or naphthalene are excellent natural weapons. We recommend only going to the dry cleaners when absolutely necessary because as a result of the solvents used, every dry clean impoverishes the natural fibres, changing their characteristics and shortening the life of your suits. And be careful with do-it-yourself ironing: the fabrics could become irreversibly shiny.
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